[EDIT: MAY 24, 2020]

Due to last minute COVID restrictions enforced throughout Vietnam, HackAtom HCMC is moving online, open to participants from anywhere in the world.

Cosmos and KryptoSeoul are back to present their first in-person hackathon in Southeast…

It’s been a 3.5 year saga and it’s time to close out this epic novel. I went from writing blog posts to spearheading Cosmos community and brand building efforts to land, finally, on restructuring a team into one that invests in Cosmos DeFi projects. I’d been given room to evolve while on that team, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

Over the latter half of last year, I found myself more and more interested in DeFi products as well as protocols that enable a decentralized web. Naval recently woke up to the macro trend that the next frontier of censorship-resistant…

A new initiative for Cosmos hackathon winners

Executive Summary

Tendermint Fellowships is a new program being launched by Tendermint Inc. Tendermint Fellows is the means to identify raw talent that is as-yet undiscovered to then provide the early stage financial backing for converting that raw energy into the next killer decentralized application to burst into the cryptocurrency market.

How it works

The discovery mechanism behind Tendermint Fellows relies heavily on hackathons. Whenever a Cosmos hackathon is launched, that’s when proceeding evaluations for potential Fellows will occur. At the close of every Cosmos hackathon, there is the potential for up to 2 Fellows to be discovered; though there is no hard cap as…

Cosmos & Cross-Chain Staking in a post-IBC World


We are quickly approaching the conclusion of the three-phase launch of the Cosmos Hub mainnet, what with the primary building blocks of the Cosmos ecosystem — Tendermint Core, Cosmos SDK, and IBC — being brought to completion. With the close of this chapter comes the ringing in of the next one.

We’re now witnessing the Cosmos universe expand — and, like the universe, do so at an ever-increasing rate. …

Dear Cosmonauts,

This is a follow-up blog post to April’s announcement that Tendermint is unbonding all of its ATOMs.

To recap, Tendermint had made plans to unbond the majority of the ATOMs held in its treasury and re-delegate to Cosmos validators who have been active contributors to the Cosmos Network.

To refresh your memory, in 2017, the Interchain Foundation had launched a public fundraiser, raising upwards of $16M in BTC and ETH valued in USD. …

Executive Summary of our IRISnet Ecosystem Development Plan

Dear IRIS community,

In 2018, before the IRISnet mainnet had launched, Tendermint entered into a partnership with Bianjie, the team behind IRISnet. The two teams, Tendermint and Bianjie, had a symbiotic work relationship, as Bianjie’s roots in the Chinese market allowed Tendermint to penetrate that market and vice versa, allowing Bianjie to reach the North American market. Part of that partnership came with an allocation of 10% of the initial token supply of IRIS.

Those tokens had not been sold, staked, or moved, for that matter, since IRISnet’s mainnet launch. We decided against staking IRIS tokens originally, as doing so…

IBC is coming. Come and hack on it before it gets shipped on Cosmos Hub mainnet.

HackAtom V Schedule

👉 Apply at five.hackatom.org 👈

Greetings Cosmonaut 🖖,

Earlier this year, we announced the recipients of a Cosmos Community Contributor Grant in Q1. For a bit of background behind this “grants program”, the idea came around late last year when Adriana Mihai came to me with an intriguing problem. The problem was this — we were missing good schemes that actively rewarded people for building up their parts of the Cosmos community. In an effort to gather our thoughts and identify those who had been doing some solid work in all areas pertaining to development, research, building in general, and running meetups—all without pay that…

In light of recent events, while people are distancing themselves physically, the need for social connection has never been more pronounced. Despite capital markets and crypto markets alike having more than halved in value across the board on any given asset, we’ve been compelled to work smarter and more creatively than ever.

Using creative treasury management, we’ve already started several ecosystem-bolstering initiatives aimed directly at supporting Cosmos Network’s most prolific contributors. Recent initiatives that were publicly announced were that of the Community Contributor Grants program and the Tendermint Inc ATOM Rebonding.

Other ways we are continuing to grow the Cosmos…

[APR 22 2020 EDIT] There’s been an update to this announcement that you can find here on the Cosmos Forum.

Shortly after the launch of the Cosmos Hub, Tendermint Inc selected a set of validators to delegate its ATOMs to. Since there was little information regarding validators’ setups or community contributions available at that time, we based our assessment on the results of Game of Stakes and whatever little additional data we had at that moment.

Many of the validators we selected during that exercise in June 2019 have since dropped off the map while others have become more prominent…

Chjango Unchained

Architect & Head of Community @tendermint_team. Carrier of ideas. I mostly write about @cosmos, sometimes Handshake, and always about cryptocurrency.

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