A new initiative for Cosmos hackathon winners

Executive Summary

Tendermint Fellowships is a new program being launched by Tendermint Inc. Tendermint Fellows is the means to identify raw talent that is as-yet undiscovered to then provide the early stage financial backing for converting that raw energy into the next killer decentralized application to burst into the cryptocurrency market.


Executive Summary of our IRISnet Ecosystem Development Plan

Dear IRIS community,

In 2018, before the IRISnet mainnet had launched, Tendermint entered into a partnership with Bianjie, the team behind IRISnet. The two teams, Tendermint and Bianjie, had a symbiotic work relationship, as Bianjie’s roots in the Chinese market allowed Tendermint to penetrate that market and vice versa, allowing…

Chjango Unchained ⛓️

I write simplified explainations about hard technical concepts. Prev Tendermint. I cover blockchain interop and Web 3.0 ideas.

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